Alexander Isokrari

I design unique pieces of art through multiple mediums such as apparel design, acrylic, charcoal and pencil artwork that not only fit into the decorative theme of home and office but go into the streets as wearable art.


I help people bring their visions to life through commissioned art pieces, customized apparel wear and my one of a kind “Sip of Art” class experience.

I am a self-taught artist whose love of all things creative has led me on this journey, which I intend to share with you.

My Story


Where art, kulture and kreativity meet


Been born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa and now living in the heart of Texas, my perspective as an African and now an American have helped shape my life experiences which in turn fuel my passion to create art that not only represents these two worlds but merge them in a traditional and contemporary symphony.

I am a God given self-taught artist who has always had an affinity for the arts and never thought it would be more than a weekend endeavor but has now blossomed into a life all of its own.


My Designs


Custom designs and personalized service

My collections explore both a concept and a medium of expression. These pieces reflect a deep exploration of the beauty of arts




My Message


A Creative Mind for Our Times

Art-Fro Kreationz was born with the purpose of showcasing the African culture and its people and environments. The vibrancy of the African customs and beliefs all set through a visual platform. I want to share the history, present and future of the African experience through art, which has always been a universal language of expression.

I try to inspire people to have conversations about their perception of culture and how through our diverse experiences and backgrounds we can appreciate and celebrate our identity and heritage.

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